It’s doesn’t matter what your account is about. We can increase your followers, likes, and views.

Much like reviews, many online shoppers use social media as a trust indicator when purchasing from a store for the first time. You can be on every single social network but if you have no followers and engagement, it may end up doing more harm than good.

Over 28% of Internet users engage through Instagram (Over 500 Million Users) and every third user is an Online Shopper. Instagram Engagement is 10 times higher than Facebook, 84 times higher than Twitter and 58 times higher than Pinterest


Instagram Likes
increase your Likes
Instagram Followers
increase your Followers
Instagram Views
increase your Views


You have a special picture where you’d like to direct attention to?  After ordering you can direct the likes you’ve purchased to all of your uploaded pictures. You can distribute the likes how you’d like. If you buy a 1000 package you can send 255 likes to one picture, 301 to another and 444 to another one. Just let us know.

Likes alone don’t make it complete. Your account needs to have followers to look great. Our follower service makes it easy for you to add followers to your account. These followers won’t like your pictures. Combine the followers with our likes packages for the ultimate experience. After ordering the amount of followers will be added to your account within the course of a day.

Our Views service is designed to be hassle free so you can focus on your content.
With our Views service we constantly scan your profile for new uploads. Every new upload that occurs within the service time will receive the ordered amount of views to your videos.

Some of the Benefits our Platform offers:

Fully Reliable Platform
We use a redundant system to deliver our services, you won’t find any downtime or issues here.

Instantly get Popular
With our services your account looks popular from the moment you place the order.

Fast Delivery
Unless you requested something else, all orders get delivered within minutes.

Direct Supplier

No Resellers
Everything runs on our proprietary infrastructure, no resellers or anything in between.

No Password Required
We never ask you for your instagram password or perform any actions on behalf of your account.

No Mass Following
It’s not required to follow other users, our service works effortlessly for you and your account.

Never get BannedWe never had a single account compromised because of our service and we make sure this won’t change in future.Best Value for your money
Since we are the direct supplier, we can offer our services for reasonable prices.

Our service was built with stability and fault tolerance in mind so you can enjoy our service without worrying if it actually works

The methods we use with our service will never harm your account in any way but instead you will become much more popular in a short amount of time.

Once you chosen a pacakage, our system works on its own 24/7/365. You don’t need to run programs, everything just works. 

Made for everyone
No matter if you’re a photographer, webshop owner, fashion blogger, musician, online business or if you just want to be popular. Our system works for everyone.

Everything is designed to be fast and reliable. It only takes minutes until a specific service starts after it has been activated.

What are Instagram Likes & Views?

Our Likes & Views service is designed to be hassle free so you can focus on your content.
With our Likes & Views service we constantly scan your profile for new uploads. Every new upload that occurs within the service time will receive the ordered amount of likes/views.

Orders usually become active in the second the payment is received and orders start the minute you place them.
We are focused on quality and simplicity for our customers which costs more money on our end. Our team is constantly designing new ways to deliver the best possible results.

Tips and Hints to gain Instagram Followers

  • Make sure to post on regular basis. Try to post every day and not go days without.
  • Don’t post bad photos. Do you want to look at bad photos?
  • Focus on engagement not follower numbers. Engagement with people will produce much better results
  • Be real. Be authentic. Be you. And never ask people to follow you back
  • Always follow less than are following you.
  • Don’t do the follow/unfollow game – it’s so obvious when people do it
  • Don’t – abuse hashtags. Stay with the one that relate closest you and your interests
  • Be creative. Instagram rewards creativity.

Most of all, keep at it and don’t give up. Don’t expect a change overnight. It takes time to build a following on Instagram