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With over 600 million active users, Instagram is rapidly becoming one of the latest social networks. A popular question we often get from clients is, “How do Instagram benefit me or my organization?”

Companies which are on Instagram frequently make the mistake of simply posting pictures of merchandise, which is not overly enticing to the client. Among the greatest features is something which is usually overlooked by many. The Instagram direct message attribute has the potential to be the most powerful asset to your organization.


Today, we want to discuss some innovative ideas and suggestions which can enable your company to do two things: 1) increase brand loyalty 2) boost earnings.

Encourage people to trace your brand by providing exclusive deals and secret earnings exclusive to your Instagram followers.

Writing a great Instagram Direct Message
Produce a picture post that includes the following:

Thank the client for encouraging your company (Make it feel private)
provide a coupon code to be used online just
Put an expiration date to promote timely purchasing
be certain that it resembles a sincere thank you, not just another sales strategy.
If your new to generating Instagram graphics, the typical graphic size to use is 1080px x 1080px.

Make sure and send it out through the “Instagram Direct Message” attribute, not the main page. It’s an extra benefit for the ones that follow your organization.

If you are really serious about developing your social networks, offer a promotion that:

Tells your Instagram followers to accompany you on twitter
Send an Instagram direct message infographic message on Instagram that informs the consumer to Tweet about you with a particular hashtag, like #SecretBakedSale to obtain a certain percentage off their purchase.

Use Instagram Direct Message, a potent social media tool that your competition is missing out on and improve your sales and brand loyalty now!

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