Do You Know How To Post To Instagram?

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When you think you figured out Instagram they change it. Trust me, navigating the ever-changing waters of the cherished program has never been the easiest thing in the world, but if you are anything like me, you are ready to dive in and determine what’s actually working. In my achievement, Instagram has been critical as an entrepreneur. From sharing my portfolio with a simple scroll to sharing my life in a manner that turns mere followers to enthusiastic customers, Instagram is a place not only for growing my business but also creating a community.

1. Never post in real time

I’m telling you to wait. When you post on the fly you are doing a few things I wouldn’t recommend: you are probably slapping on a filter rather than paying attention to details, you are rushing to form a caption (or falling back on emojis!) And you’re going to miss the ability to be present in the moment that you’re in.

Suggestion: Take the shot and then put your phone down. Edit it when you’ve got a little bit of time, caption it and hashtag it. This will provide you the ability to become thoughtful and present in life .

2. Do not be a “one-hit miracle”

Among the biggest mistakes is that their feed is one-note. It’s simple to hide behind your job, but doing so is not helping you create accurate connections online. It is very important to show aspects of You. People first have to understand, and trust you before they will consider buying from you!

Suggestion: Pick 5 aspects of your life. So that your feed is intriguing and multidimensional, rotate through these 5 categories per week. Share things such as: the city you reside in, your pets, your hobbies, travels, kids, partner… keep it as private as you feel so others feel like they know You.

3. Use calls to action

Engagement is this game’s name! So as to appear in the feeds of your followers, you need to demonstrate your content is worthy. What does this mean? You have to encourage individuals to “like” and comment on your articles. The engagement that you have, the more likely you are to have your articles be seen.

Suggestion: Be intentional with every post and include some type of invitation to your followers. Ask a question, tell them to “double tap” if they agree, have them label a friend under, whatever that looks like for you! Include an invitation to interact in each post with you!

4. Hashtag intentionally

Did you know that if you’re currently using hashtags, you are likely to get engagement? Iput them to work and’ll take those odds. Gone are the times when you need to copy/paste the identical list of hashtags for every single post (thanks a lot, shadow banning!) It is time that you consider what your dream customers are looking for and actually get intentional with your use of hashtags, so that you can wind up in front of them!

Suggestion: for every single post you publish, you’ve got 30 opportunities to use terrific hashtags. Use tags and tags that are narrow and I really like to hedge my bets. By way of instance, if I’m sharing a wedding photo which I took, I might use #wedding AND #californiawedding to reach both narrow and a broad audience.

5. Build your community

It’s easy to log in and mindlessly scroll and like photos. Sit and log in with the intent of fostering community. A few of my friends were discovered on this app, although it may sound crazy.

Suggestion: If individuals are taking the opportunity to interact with you, take a few minutes to comment back, thank them, or even jump over to their feed and then return the favor. Trust me, it won’t go unnoticed and it’ll encourage people to continue to participate in the future with you.

Social networking continues to change on a daily basis, and it is our jobs as marketers to understand when a change affects the way we’re reaching our customers. Have fun with it, share your story, and make connections that are true both off and on .

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